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How to properly light a cigar using high quality lighter device

When you are a cigar smoker, you should need to know about the different categories of the cigars and also how to light up your cigar with the help of the top quality cigar lighter device. There are usually several aspects to categorize the cigars such as its shape, size, country of origin, strength and more. Most probably, the cigar can be categorized by its size which will be considered by the length of the cigar in inches and as well as the ring size. Whenever you are looking for the giant size and style of the cigar, it will have the length of 9 inches and ring size of totally 52 inches.

Other factors of the cigar types:

Once you have selected a cigar based on the size, you can also start with some other choices of the cigars by selecting its shape, color of the exterior wrapper and the hand rolled design. The pyramid, flared and tapered are the basic shapes of the cigars which are all currently existing in the market. At the same time, the hand rolled cigars are the best choices of the cigars which are all currently existing in the market. It is highly advisable to don’t go for the cheapest cigars because they may create harmful chemicals which will damage your health. In order to choose the high quality and harmless cigars, you have to spend some money.

There are also machine made cigars available for all the cigar smokers but it is only suggested choosing the hand rolled cigars to experience the real taste of tobacco. While smoking cigars, everyone should need to consider the cigar lighter which is the most important accessory to all smokers. It is nothing but a device that is very helpful to light up the cigars anywhere and anytime as you would like to smoke. There are several options of cigar lighters available to choose for your regular usage.

The best cigar lighter:

Whenever the cigar smokers are looking for the best choice of the lighters, there are several varieties available currently in the market. From among them, everyone is highly recommended going to the solid torch lighter in order to light up your tasty cigars. If you are looking at the online platforms, you can able to find the great brands which have been providing the unique designs of the cigar lighters for all types of the smokers. The best lighter options are using the butane which is the lighting liquid which will be very helpful to burn at the highest temperature in order to product the most efficient flame for providing the best cigar lighting experience to everyone.

At the same time, you will have to maintain some of the butane in hand to refill your lighter for the long time of usage. The best lighter device will provide from the single flame, soft flame to the multiple flames to lighting the cigars to provide you such a great smoking experience. Once you have got into the leading online cigar store, you can filter down all the existing designs and sizes of the lighters with the help of the online filters for choosing the best choice which perfect suits your cigar smoking needs.

How to light your cigar using the best lighter:

You should have to light the tip and foot of the cigar with the help of the long wooden cigar match or the butane lighter. When you would like to choose some other model of the cigar lighter other than butane lighter, you should only go for the wooden cigar match which is the best choice for all cigar smokers. It is highly recommended to avoid some other options such

as stove, candles and paper matches. At the same time, it is totally banned to make use of the cigar lighter which is using the fluid like naphtha because of the odors and the chemicals released to spoil the real taste of the tobacco. Here are some of the significant steps which you have to understand for lighting up the cigars in a proper way. They include,

Ø You have to start lighting your cigar by just holding it at the 45 degree angle on the flame for about 3 to 4 inches from the cigar tip. This size will be depending on the height of the cigar you are using.

Ø Then, you have to rotate the cigar until the foot part starts to ignite. You should not allow the flame of the lighter to touch your cigar and you have to slowly puff on the available cigar while rotating it during the lighting process around the flame.

  • Ø You have to take a look at the foot part of the cigar and make sure that it is burning evenly.
  • Ø Once the complete lighting has been finished, you can start smoking the cigar to get the real taste of tobacco.

First of all, you must have to toast the foot of the cigar in order to ignite the tobacco outer layers in the cigar. Then only, you can surely able to get the real enjoyment of tasting tobacco in the form of cigar.

Steps involved in lighting cigars:

After you have properly burned up the foot part of the cigar, you have to slowly light up the filler around the various layers of the tobacco inside the cigar. It is better using the long wooden match in order to create the larger flame are to evenly light up the entire foot and filler. You should need to place your cigar between the lips and hold it to flame the foot for about half an inch from the cigar. In the next step, you have to release the pressure of the inhalation to draw the smoke in the perfect manner. Once you have finished all these steps, the puff of the smoke should have to come from your mouth to enjoy the real taste of tobacco with no harmful chemicals.